The Milton Keynes Raynet Group is a member of
Raynet-UK, a voluntary organisation that provides communications at times of national and international emergencies.

We aim to prepare ourselves to provide radio communications for such incidents to Category 1 & 2 Responders under the Civil Contingencies Act and the services that support them. In particular we get
involved with the Local Authority Chief Emergency Planning Offices who often provide financial support and fund aerial installations. We practice for emergencies by providing communications for charitable events such as endurance horse rides, Marathons, Scout hikes, cycling events and the like. As well as radios we have our own infrastructure – such as masts, power supplies, batteries, generators, aerials; even a gazebo and a trailer to move it all.

We provide comunications for these organisations at events such as marathons, scout hikes and during endurance horse and sponsored cycle rides as part of our ongoing training.


The Milton Keynes Raynet Group is part of the UK's national voluntary communications service provided for the community by Radio Amateurs.

RAYNET was formed in 1953 following the severe flooding around the east coast of Britain to provide a way of organising the valuable resource that Amateur Radio is able to provide to the community.

The Milton Keynes Raynet Group was formed in the early 1980s to provide a more local service to the rapidly growing area of Milton Keynes. Although we primarily serve the local area, we remain an active member of the Buckinghamshire County Raynet organisation with whom we meet regularly.

Although we are called the Milton Keynes RAYNET Group and were formed in the early 1980s to provide a more local service to the rapidly growing area of Milton Keynes, we remain part of Buckinghampshire RAYNET and also cover the northern part of Buckinghampshire. Bucks Emergency Planning Unit, the District Emergency Planning Units and MK Emergency Planning Unit work closely together in order to be prepared to cope with local emergencies.


In true volunteer fashion RAYNET members come from all walks of life. They are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week, ready to provide a service to the community.

Most, but not all, of our members are licensed Radio Amateurs who normally use their own equipment to provide the RAYNET service (although we do have Group owned equipment). However, you do not need to be a licensed Radio Amateur to join RAYNET. You will still be able to assist us with many tasks. Human Resources, Management, Engineering and Logistics are examples of areas where non licensed members are an asset to the organisation.

Membership is open to persons aged 14 years and over (provided that, if they are under 18 years of age an adult member of their family, a close relation or guardian is also a Group member). There is no upper age limit.

We attempt to use every opportunity to train for the event that we hope will never come - an emergency.

For details of membership of the Group contact the Controller, John Breen, M0XZL.


24 Mar 2019   MK Endurance Horse Ride.
06 May 2019   Milton Keynes Marathon.
Route : Marathon  |  Half Marathon  |  Both
12 May 2019   Grafham Safari Walk.
(Supporting Bedfordshire Raynet)
19 May 2019   The Waddesdon Horse Ride.
(Supporting Aylesbury Raynet)
29 Jun 2019   MDD Horse Ride - Hanslope.
07 Jul 2019   BHS Horse Ride - Stowe.
12 Jul 2019   Group training.
13 Jul 2019   MK Midnight Moo.
Route : Moo
09 Aug 2019   Group training.
13 Sep 2019   Group training (19:00).
29 Sep 2019   MK Endurance Horse Ride.
10 Oct 2019   Group AGM
19 Oct 2019   Raynet National AGM.
20 Oct 2019   Hanslope Ride.
24 Oct 2019   Exercise Midani.
15 Nov 2019   Group training (19:00).
01 Dec 2019   Bedford Half Marathon.
(Supporting Bedfordshire Raynet)
05 Dec 2019   MKR Christmas Dinner (19:00).
7&8 Dec 2019   Tour de Trigs.
(Supporting Oxfordshire Raynet)
17 Jan 2020   Group training (19:00).
14 Feb 2020   Group training (19:00).
7&8 Mar 2020   Endurance 80.
(Supporting Aylesbury Raynet)
03 May 2020   Milton Keynes Marathon.
Route : Marathon  |  Half Marathon  |  Both
11 Jul 2020   MK Midnight Moo.
Route : Moo


Emergency Contact

A twenty four hour national emergency telephone line is provided on:

0303 040 1080 and press #

The emergency telephone line is for the use of User Services who are unable to contact the Milton Keynes RAYNET Group directly.

Details of calls made via the emergency telephone line will be passed on to the Group as quickly as possible.

Non-Emergency Contact

Please contact the Group's Controller, John Breen, M0XZL if you wish to make a non-emergency request for our assistance or require any other information.

Please give us as much notice and information as possible about your proposed event. This will help us to provide the best service to you.


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